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Margaux Blanchard
Artistic direction and viola da gambe

© Jean-Baptiste Millot
Margaux Blanchard began her musical studies with the piano at the age of seven. At eleven years old, she found the Viola da Gamba and was accepted into in Ariane Maurette's class at the Paris Conservatoire. During this time, until the age of sixteen, she sung at the Maîtrise de Paris which is managed by Patrick Marco and takes part in many concerts and festivals along side this ensemble until the age of 16 (Le Festival d'Art sacré de Paris, the Paris Opera, the Châtelet Theater, le Festival d'Arques la Bataille...). She was awarded the piano first prize in 2001, by the city of Paris and the Viola da Gamba first prize by the Paris Conservatoire. Since 2004 she has been taught by Paolo Pandolfo at the Basel Schola Cantorum. She has furthermore had internships and master classes taught by Marianne Muller and Jordi Savall. She took part in A. Campra's Opera/Ballet, "L'Europe Galante" at the Ambronay Baroque Academy within the Continuo, directed by William Christie. She has performed with various ensembles: The Cappella Mediterranea during the Ambronay Festival in 2007 and 2008 (she recorded two CDs with this group for the Ambronay Editions label), Mare Nostrum (she recorded with this group for Ricercar in 2009), and La Cetra and Les Ombres, an ensemble that she founded with Sylvain Sartre in 2006.
Sylvain Sartre
Artistic direction and traverso

© Jean-Baptiste Millot
Sylvain Sartre started playing the flute at the age of twelve after starting musical studies with the piano at the age of five at the Perpignan Conservatoire. In 1995, he decided to go in for the 17th and 18th Century repertoire and was accepted into Philippe Allain-Dupré's Traverso course, within the early music department of the conservatoire of Toulouse. He discovered the cultural richness of the renaissance repertoire with the cylindrical transverse flute : A long forgotten wooden instrument. He gave his first concerts with an ensemble called Les Versets and attended the Basel Schola Cantorum in 2005 in Oskar Peter and Anne Smith's class. In 2008 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. During that time, Sylvain Sartre founded with Margaux Blanchard the ensemble named Les Ombres which has been awarded the 2nd price of the Early Music International Competition of Trossingen. As a flute player, Sylvain Sartre took part in the Ambronay European Baroque Academy in 2007, directed by Hervé Niquet, recorded with Capella Mediteranea a cd about Barbara Strozzi (Ambronay Edition's label) and with Thilo Hirsh about the Grande Ecurie music. He is currently doing a Master at the Schola Cantorum in Marc Hantaï's class and committed in research dealing with French Cantata manuscripts.