Leçons de Ténèbres & motets
François Couperin
Mirare, distribution Pias-Harmonia Mundi (2018)

After François Couperin’s Les Nations, Les Ombres have recorded his Leçons de Ténèbres, written in the spirit of the Italian lamentazioni, creating a chiaroscuro atmosphere around one of the most mysterious masterpieces of its time with performers specializing in this repertoire: Chantal Santon Jeffery, Anne Magouët et Benoit Arnould.

Haendel, Marais, Destouches
Mirare, distribution Harmonia Mundi (2015)

Les Ombres, here assembled in chamber orchestra formation, places in perspective the homonymous masterpieces of Handel, Marais, and Destouches. In this highly theatrical programme, the musicians trace an imaginative trajectory through the mo- ving expressiveness of the tragédie lyrique, the intimate poetry of the French cantata, and the blazing passion of Handelian opera. Under the spell of the Baroque, the seductive Semele finds her ideal partner . . . in music.

Telemann - Quatuors parisiens
Mirare, distribution Harmonia Mundi (2014)

At the zenith of the Baroque era, far from all formalism, Telemann celebrates in these quartets the union of the European musical languages of his time. Here his endlessly inventive imagination is deployed with the single aim of attracting and charming the listener. The result is sheer delight.

François Couperin - Les Nations
Coffret 2CD - Ambronay éditions, distribution Harmonia Mundi (2012)

From Les Goûts réünis to Les Nations, Couperin became a philosopher of Europe. Moreover, his 'Art of playing the harpsichord'2 extended also to flutes, violins, oboes, bas- soons, viols and theorbos, and his skill in com- bining these instruments makes him, in our view, the undisputed master of trio writing in early eighteenth-century France.[...] Over and above questions of (in)equality, and despite his awareness of 'the eagerness of the French to taste foreign novelties', we glimpse here what seems like an essential urge to reveal similarities to those who see only differences. Perhaps this is how Les Nations was born: four ordres, two periods, and several influences.

Concert chez la reine
Ambronay éditions, distribution Harmonia Mundi (2010)

This disc is an invitation to a 'Concert chez la Reine', an immersion in the musical and cultural diversity of a pivotal period: the ghosts of Lully and the Sun King still haunt Versailles; only now do people dare to invite Italian music into the salons; the violin establishes its pedigree and harmonises with viols, flutes, harpsichords and theorbos; the cantata becomes French and wins all hearts. Make way for musical wit! For the union of styles! For le théâtre des Ombres, 'shadow theatre' as we might call it. . .