Cantates inédites et récréations au Salon de la Paix

Unknown Cantatas and Recreations in the Salon de la Paix At the beginning of the XVIIIth century, the French artists wish to escape from the hegemony of Versailles which controlled for almost fifty years the musical production. The end of the Lully 's monopoly allows an opening to the Italian style, until then banished, and makes possible an important artistic revival. André Cardinal Destouches, François Couperin and François Colin de Blamont, being "Surintendants de la musique" and "Maîtres de musique" at the Royal Chapel, opened the way to this stylistic revival under the reign of Louis XV and refined their art through the French cantata. Jean-Baptiste Rousseau, inspired by the Italian cantata, created this new poetic genre, which, intended to be set to music, was nevertheless capable of literary qualities. Les Ombres interpret two unknown cantatas : Sémélé and Circé, fruits of their research work. Performed at the "Académie Royale" and at the "Concerts de la Reine", the texts of these cantatas were written by Antoine Houdar de La Motte and Jean-Baptiste Rousseau, two great librettists of French opera. The cantatas contain daring modulations, varied orchestrations, masterful tempests and dramatic developments matching the level of despair of their heroines. The pieces of François Couperin and Louis-Antoine Dornel, instrumental interludes of this program, are representative of the "Goûts Réunis", associating forms, ornaments and instrumentations of the Italian and French styles.

"Concert at the Queen's" proposes a rediscovery of this rich musical period, when the composers competed in talent to offer a figurative, original and audacious music.

• François Colin de Blamont - Les Festes Grecques et Romaines (extraits)
• Claude Jordan - Voyages historiques de l'Europe (extraits)
• François Couperin - Les Nations (extraits)
• Jean-Baptiste Rousseau - Ode allégorique « Circé »
• François Colin de Blamont - Circé (cantate à une voix et symphonie)
• Jean de la Fontaine - Le lyon amoureux

10 musicians, 1 singer, 1 actor (or) 5 musicians and 1 singer

Margaux Blanchard - Artistic direction and viola da gambe
Sylvain Sartre - Artistic direction and traverso

Mélodie Ruvio - Alto
Manuel Weber - Actor

Katharina Heutjer - Violin
Marie Rouquié - Violin
Sarah van Cornewal - Traverso
Johanne Maitre - Oboe
Katharina Andres - Oboe
Mélanie Flahaut - Bassoon
Vincent Flückiger - Theorbo and guitar
Nadja Lesaulnier - Harpsichord

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